Buildings providing working environment for personnel & equipment
Production, manufacturing, processing, packing in light or heavy industries
From content creation to distribution and transmission – via traditional and new evolving platforms
Golf courses with or without restaurants, accommodation etc.
Larger hotels and visitor activity centres
Universities, colleges, schools & other educational institutions
State funded & private medical institutions and illness treatment
Building or assembling of infrastructure, buildings, industrial, civil
Cultivating plants, cereals, fruit, animals, fish & wine for consumption
Projects funded (e.g. FP7 and Civitas II) to private or public organisations

7gen’s Mission Statement

At 7gen, our mission is to become a European “centre of excellence” that delivers practical solutions to socially responsible client organisations who want to manage their environmental impact and image.

We will achieve this by:

  • Being great at what we do
  • Truly understanding client requirements    e.g. providing them augmented value and a quick return on any investment
  • Becoming a community of practice focal point helping to share best practices
  • Emphasising opportunities and the power of positivity
  • Being innovative and flexible while respecting tradition and systems
  • Operating profitably whilst still offering value for money to our clients
  • Having a work environment that recognizes & rewards the commitments of associates and employees.


Meet the team:

Lead Consultant

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Liliana Murillo Courrèges Consultant

The essence of Liliana’s combined academic and work experience distils to achieving that difficult balance between economic activity and environmental sustainability. For her there is no substitute to delivering practical projects with tangible results. Liliana graduated with an European Master of Science in Applied Ecology and a Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development from the USA. She is happiest when her ‘sleeves are rolled up’ and she is positively influencing well-needed changes at all levels and in all sorts of organisations, whether private, cooperative, not-for-profit or public.

More information about Liliana is coming soon.

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Tim Ellis Founder/Consultant

Tim Ellis has over 20 year’s direct, hands-on experience, both consulting and managing his own businesses. His clients have ranged from small, start-up companies to some of the most established & recognisable global brands. He has consistently dedicated himself to achieving an in-depth understanding of customer needs and delivering beyond their expectations. He recently achieved an MBA (Master of Business Administration) that focused on current business methodologies and included problem identification & solving techniques.

He has applied business analysis, planning and implementation skills across the business value-chain – ranging from external sourcing, quality management, management systems, customer service and marketing which has been a focal area in recent years (e.g. research, digital cross-media). He has delivered to several industries including IT (services, software and hardware), manufacturing (e.g. fluid-control, measurement), and services (estate agency, leisure) to retail (e.g. automotive, giftware)

A selection of brands he has represented includes Andrews Estate Agents (UK), Autodesk (Europe), Boots the Chemist (UK), BMW (UK), Campina (NL), Cisco (Europe), CJP- Cultuurkaart (NL), Dell (Europe), Marks & Spencer (UK), Parker Hannifin (UK), Porsche (UK) & Strutt & Parker (UK)

Having lived for many years in Hong Kong, UK and France – as well as spent several years travelling extensively between Europe and Asia (e.g. for sourcing and quality management projects) he is inspired by the possibilities for learning and richness found in national cultural differences.

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