Buildings providing working environment for personnel & equipment
Production, manufacturing, processing, packing in light or heavy industries
From content creation to distribution and transmission – via traditional and new evolving platforms
Golf courses with or without restaurants, accommodation etc.
Larger hotels and visitor activity centres
Universities, colleges, schools & other educational institutions
State funded & private medical institutions and illness treatment
Building or assembling of infrastructure, buildings, industrial, civil
Cultivating plants, cereals, fruit, animals, fish & wine for consumption
Projects funded (e.g. FP7 and Civitas II) to private or public organisations

Our Services

The environment is an issue that is getting increasing coverage. As a manager of your organisation you may be feeling pressure to do more coming at you from all directions, your shareholders, your clients, the state, even from your own awareness. But rather than feel like this is yet another area added to your already heavy work-load, 7gen can step in and share the load. In fact, beyond simply guiding you through the maze of what needs to be done, in most cases this can be seen as a genuine opportunity with tangible and measurable benefits.

    As an overview, 7gen provides the following services

  • Environmental Pre-Audit Diagnostic
  • Sustainability Awareness – Seminars, workshops & presentations
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Waste Management
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Legislation & Certification

Environmental Pre-Audit Diagnostic

Where you are…… A great place to start if this has not already been done. Firstly it will provide you with a clear statement of where you are currently. This can be done either as a stand-alone exercise (e.g. pre-audit) or as a pre-quel to compliance (e.g. ISO 14001) or perhaps as part of an Environmental Management System. Secondly, in most cases real and immediate on-going savings can be identified, whether in energy, raw materials or water…

    The 7gen pre-audit typically comprises of the following:

  • A compendium of statistics of energy consumption, water ….
  • Brief interviews with people involved in environmental and industrial processes, hygiene, etc …
  • An interview with the decision maker(s) to understand the strategic environmental oientation
  • A tour of parts of the premises that are of particular industrial or environmental importance

Sustainability Awareness – Seminars, workshops & presentations

Sustainability is a frequently used term, but the practical implications are rarely understood. Lack of awareness may leave some organisations vulnerable to seismic shifts from external factors such as tightening legislation, environmental risk, resource availability and changing customer values. Understanding sustainability and how it impacts an organisation, its employees and supply chain is the first step to ensuring the company itself will be sustainable in the future.

    7gen provides bespoke and off the shelf sustainability-awareness seminars and workshops:

  • Ensures stakeholders across the organisation are working towards common goals based on improved understanding
  • Attendees will be given tools and practical methods to enable immediate implementation into the workplace
  • The multiplying effect of increased stakeholder engagement leads to innovation and unforeseen benefits such as lower staff churn rate

Environmental Planning

Where you ought to be – Here consideration is given to appropriate legislation, Public Relations (PR) – both external and internal, as well as areas that make good commercial and environmental sense together i.e. reducing costs and waste.

Environmental Management Systems

How it can be done going forward – On an ongoing basis, systems and procedures, practices, training/workshops, working conditions, communications – internal and for partner organisations e.g. suppliers

Resource Optimisation

Reducing direct inbound costs (environmental and financial) related to use of resources used in production and/or offices e.g. water, energy, raw materials.

Waste Management

Reducing outward costs (environmental and financial). May include Hazardous waste and may need to consider compliance issues.

Life Cycle Analysis

From design to disposal, doing it better – Whether current products/services or those being designed; considering optimal sourcing or renewable raw materials, the impact of delivery, production, in-use, disposal and recycling or re-use.

Legislation & Compliance

Staying compliant – Legislation is there to help minimise the organisation's impact on the environment e.g. on air quality, energy, hazardous waste, packaging, solvents, water & other waste. 7gen is here to help its clients through the maze of ever-changing legislation.

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